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Movie Time Package Description & Details
Enjoy a basket of made in Texas Dr. Pepper, popcorn, snacks, and a selection of popular DVDs from our library to view during your stay. Great for an evening of comfort and relaxation with family and/or friends. Serves up to 4.

Most popular for:
Kicking Back, Family Time, Couples Enjoyment.

What is included and provided in your package:
What's Included:
What's Provided:
- 12 Pack Dr. Pepper
- Choice of 2 DVDs
- Popcorn
- Ice & Bucket
- Snacks
- Packaging
Movie Time Package Pricing
Our package pricing can change seasonally and can vary depending on day of week, and holidays. Offered at the everyday smart price of $25.00.

Movie Time Package Booking
You can book experience packages at checkout using our 24 x 7 secure online reservation system - hassle free. Our experience packages are only available when booked with a Cottage stay. When booking your Cottage stay, you are given the option at checkout to select any of our experiences packages (see the screen shot below). Prior to completing the checkout process you can review all of the details including cottage rates, package fees, and taxes for your stay and experience packages. We can always add a package to your stay even if it was not booked at the time you reserved your Cottage. Just give us a call and we can take care of the details. We do need a minimum of 3 hours notice to prepare your package. Always best to plan ahead.